Working Capital Solutions

Get the Cash flows you need to grow your business on your terms. Unlock your working Capital through a seamless process.

Solution to your Cash Flow Needs

Our digital platform aims to address the SME financing gap. Assessing SME credit smartly with our impressive risk algorithms and extensive SME experience, we provide better digital financing solutions to underserved SMEs in the region.

Benefits of Our Financing Solutions

Faster Fund Disbursal: Get funds in your account in 24 hours

Collateral-Free: Leverage your unpaid invoices without pledging assets

Easy Digital Process: Quick, easy and hassle-free process to secure funds

Shorter Cash Cycles: Receive timely access to capital & speed up your cash cycles


Working Capital term loan

A financing facility that provides businesses with a lump sum amount of funds for a short period of time

Tenure: Up to 2 years

Who is it for – Businesses with short-term financing needs and cash flow fluctuations

Why to use it- inventory management, meeting short-term financial requirements, small projects

Revolving Credit Line /OD

A revolving credit facility that allows businesses flexibility to borrow and repay in multiple tranches

Tenure: 30- 90 days

Who is it for – Businesses with established credit history and consistent revenue stream

Why to use it – For paying your vendors, raw materials purchase, plugging short-term cash crunch, paying salaries, etc

Bill Discounting

A financing facility that allows businesses to borrow funds against their outstanding invoices up to 90% of value

Tenure: 30-120 days

Who is it for – Businesses with outstanding invoices from creditworthy customers

Why use it – Financing invoices reduce DSO and Improve the cash flow cycle

Export Financing

Post-shipment financing for an exporter that needs working capital to finance its invoices after goods have been shipped.

Limit: Upto 5 Million USD

Tenure: 30 days to 120 days

Who is it for – Exporters of goods and services to foreign countries

Why to use it – Post-shipment financing for exporters, export credit insurance to protect against non-payment due to commercial risk.

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